WK1 Project: Industry Blogs


The first industry blog I chose is the Orlando House Prices and Values blog site, as this is something I have been following closely in the media, as I am interested in purchasing a home in the near future.

The flower industry recently had a great month with Mother’s Day passing, and there are many orchids on my table still in full bloom. I fell in love with this out of this world flower and am interested with the facts of the Orchid industry.

I also chose the Aquanerd blog, as salt water aquarium information is best exchanged among other enthusiast, and the industry has a lot of followers with daily updates.

My final blog selection was a pet industry blog on my favorite non human, the Dachshund. The Long and Short of It blog promises to keep Dachshunista like myself up to date with all the latest dachshund news.



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