WK1 Project: My MCBS Story


My journey at Full Sail began when I enrolled to study the Music Production program. That is when I discovered that I was more passionate about writing lyrics than composing a song. I cared more about the way words expressed a thought or idea than how the notes were arranged.
I had always thought I wanted to be a songwriter and performer. I grew up matching the vocals of my favorite R&B greats like Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans. As the boundaries of media expanded, I realized that it wasn’t so unique to be a white girl with a soulful voice, and I had to dig deeper to discover where my true talents lie.
Not too long ago, I watched a presentation on the new Media Communications Degree and felt an urge to take a closer look. One of my non negotiable goals is to complete a bachelor’s degree, and I consider the Media Communications Bachelors Degree to be a good match to combine my passion for music, for writing and my desire to reach the world with my ideas.
Because of that I made the leap of faith and enrolled into the Online Media Communications Degree. I knew it would be a challenge since I work 45 plus hours, have a teen-child at home, have a puppy- child (Nala, aka Nalz Mahalz, pictured below) and a saltwater tank full of exotic fish. So far, I have been able to manage tasks before me.

Because of that I have had to learn time management and change priorities. I don’t know why I bought an annual pass to Universal a month before I knew I was starting school. But I did. I haven’t had any time to go. I hope that I will get some use out of it this year. Maybe there will be a class project that I could tie into a day at the theme park.
Because of that I haven’t had a lot of fun since I started classes. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too. I am determined to finish this program, no matter what. There will be long nights in front of a computer finishing assignments and that’s my fun for now. I have to remind myself that I have started and there will be no turning back. I was lacking motivation in my life.
Until finally, I was earning all A’s on my work and getting great feedback on my assignments. “Great Original Ideas!” “Not many people earned a 100 on this assignment, but you did!”
And ever since I decided to pursue my passion for media my belief in what I am capable of has increased. I know that if I set aside the right amount of time and make a serious effort, I could win here at Full Sail. I have been chasing a Bachelors degree since 1995. It excites me when I realize that very soon, I will have reached one of my most elusive goals.


To create this WordPress blog post, I used some of the images in my iPhoto Library, Microsoft Word to create the document and the Full Sail Live image was courtesy of http://www.songkick.com/venues/1124031-full-sail-live.


2 thoughts on “WK1 Project: My MCBS Story

  1. Hi Jennifer! I found your blog by googling the degree at Full Sail. I’m about to start the same program in either August or September, depending on when my current school gets my records transferred. Since you are a couple months ahead of me, it will be interesting to keep up with your blog!

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