Industry Skill Set Analysis

I was surprised at the amount of great positions that were listed on the Variety Careers site. At this point, I would love a position in music industry, directing the vision that the world sees for a recording artist. One position listed, an Advertising Art Director for Sony Music group really seemed the most appealing.

Some of the common technical skills I found trending were knowledge of the Apple Operating systems and software programs like Photoshop as well as a Bachelors Degree. I found this amusing since we are knocking both of these requirements out here at Full Sail University.

Also trending were the need for design skills and typography and many required great presentation and communication skills.

Some of the interpersonal skills that were trending were being a self-starter who works well on a team and maintains an attitude of positivity and is willing to do “whatever it takes to get the job done”. I was surprised to see that appear on a few of the job listings. It goes to show that we are no longer in the “what can you give me” side of things when looking for employment. Employers want you to be someone who is willing to give 150%. Though many of the listings mentioned 3 to 5 years of industry related experience, it was also noted that they were more interested in what can be delivered and wanted proof of past successful projects.



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