AET Week 3 Exploration

AET Week 3 Exploration

When searching for the movie poster to critique for this assignment, I really intended to search for something colorful. Instead, I chose the one that conveyed the most emotion. The poster for the movie “Robin Hood” popped out to me. Ironically enough, this poster demonstrated an achromatic and neutral color scheme. There is a contrast from left to right of light to dark. The color palette consists of hues of brown and shades of gray, and at times a mix of brown and gray. There is a sunburned effect on the skin of the actor, to demonstrate that he was an outdoorsman. The depressed colors make you feel like you were looking into a place in time before vivid colors were mainstream, or even important to society for that matter. The lighter shades in the top left side of the background give a holy effect, as if the forces of good were backing up the intention of Robin Hood as he pulls back on his arrow. The light color of his wooden bow seems to radiate, connecting the sky to the intention of this weapon. The dark shading above his eyes gives a feel that he is in the shadow of the forest. The dark effects on his hands also give the appearance of a hard working man, who isn’t scared of a battle. When I look at this poster, I see a man who means business by any means necessary.


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