AET Week 4 Peer Review

AET Week 4 Peer Review

Ann, your Holistic Design is the focus of my peer review. I see the consistency thus far in your simple designs. The less is more approach works with your ideas so far. It makes me want to revisit some of my ideas to see if I could apply the less is more approach to express my messages.
I really don’t have much to inquire about. Did you take the picture that is used in this ad?
As a suggestion, would you consider using a pop of color for the tissue to make it the happiest part of the image? I think that would add to the clever concept here. Also, I would appreciate the use of color in your text to make the message pop.
I see the progress you are making in this program, and I can appreciate the ideas you have has so far. I could see this branding idea being used for feminine products, or even make up wipes. Keep up the great creative flow!


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