Portfolio Project Brainstorming

Fish 411

This project would fall under Media Planning and Media Creation. Fish 411 would be a social media site that would be highly interactive and link many of the well known, but poorly managed, fish forums, like Reef Central. I noticed a need for this type of media service when I came home and found that several of my precious saltwater fish had died. What happened? Has anyone else faced a similar tragedy? After weeding through countless blog entries, I finally found something to help me understand what went wrong. Fish 411 would have a division called Fish 911, where you would be able to connect to an expert either by Skype or Instant chat to help address immediate concerns. These individuals would be highly trained and educated on everything that has to do with running a fish tank and the possible emergencies that could arise. They would be given the title “Fish 411 Medic”.  I would make sure that the Media Planners researched and verified all training material, and even offer Fish 411 users to train to become a “Fish 411 Medic”. Media Creators would create quality videos and visuals to help bring understanding to the aquarium enthusiast all of the complexities of marine life. Banner ads, pay per click ads, and other forms of marketing would generate money from top aquarium brands.

Soup Troop

Have you ever been home sick, in dire need of your momma’s homemade chicken noodle soup? This media project would rely heavily on Media Execution, where a person would need to connect with local restaurants who make soups and would participate in this soup delivery system. The sick person could place an order on the Soup Troup Website. This would require Media creators to build an easy to use site that would allow a sick person to order soup to be delivered to their home, while they rest in their pj’s. Your loving mother, though possibly thousands of miles away, could place an order of chicken noodle soup to be sent to your doorstep. This would be a soup only delivery system, with a possible partner ship with current restaurant delivery services, like Door-step delivery. You would not need to pay the driver, or tip them, as this would already be included in the total amount paid on the Soup Troop website.


This project would require Media Execution, where the professional would hire and train pet loving individual to come to pet homes to trim their nails. This idea came to me after a break up with my boyfriend. I would now be the single pet parent of a beautiful blue-eyed dachshund who hates to have her nails cut. This task is usually a two person; three if you have it, job. Petticures would be a mobile service that specializes solely in dog or cat nail trimming. They would have state of the arm hand drills, much like the ones you see in nail salons. They would come into the pet’s home, bring the dog to a place of comfort, restrain them momentarily, and do what they do best, trim those nails. This would require a great deal of advertising at pet stores and locations pet owners frequent. It would be an affordable service, ranging from $10 for a small animal to $20 for a large animal.  As part of the project management, the marketing would entice the clients to set up monthly appointments at a discounted rate. Media Creation would include a catchy logo and website, and a referral incentive for clients who refer friends and family. There would be hardly any overhead cost, just a lot of patience and great nail tools. The marketing would include reflective ads that would get the client to think “would I pay someone ten bucks to come do this for me?”


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