Week 2 Professional Inventory


In some way shape or form, everyone has experience media, unless you are living under a rock. I have been fortunate enough to exchanged ideas and talents with many respected business owners and musicians. There is a level of confidence that you create when successful people see that you too have a gift. My gift is generating ideas and bringing new things to the table. I have recorded and performed some music in the past, but am ready to learn new things out side of the music industry. I also have a gift of talking to people from a confidence in knowing that deep down we are all the same.

To bring these lofty gifts down to a real world level, I need to tie them into true business making thoughts. Professionally, I have a great empathy for understanding what people want and I have great design space recognition, which is why I originally majored in interior design at another school. Regarding media design tools, I am only now learning how to create digital images and have far to go.  I have only dabbled in Photoshop, created some audio in Garage band, learned a lot about PowerPoint and Keynote, all as a result of my education here at Full Sail University. I look forward to increasing my professional edge, having more confident presentations, and learning how to peak the interest of the consumer in my future Media Communication work. I intend to set aside time watching tutorial about media creating programs, and get really good at bringing my thought from my heart, to my head, and ultimately, to the computer screen.


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