WK4 MDC Jump Start

ImageWhen creating a website, you want to create something that stands apart from your competition. Searching for key words should land your on your competitors page. If you are not comparing your site concept with that of the competition, you may make similar mistakes. By paying attention to what they do wrong on their site, you can attempt to avoid these potential pitfalls. Comparison can also help you organize your design process.

Pay attention to color trends, but try to avoid copying ones that are being used most often. If you don’t find out what color trends are being used out there by your completion, you could possibly make a website that would be considered a copycat of another company that is fighting for the same business. The website layout should guide the eye of the consumer to an intended location on the site. Pixel Ruler and Colorpic are great tools to help create a more visually appealing site, but the favorite tool that I discovered in this tutorial was Vectormagic.

It is important to understand the demographics of your target audience. This will help you reach the best possible consumer. If you don’t learn about your target audience’s religion, race, gender, and occupation it would be difficult to determine what they would like to see on your webpage and how to reach them.

A data checklist should be completed before you create your site.  You should list the common pages needed on your site, organize your content by page, and avoid repeating information. Create your site architecture and how your site will flow. Have your texts together and proof read. Make sure that you obtain rights to use any photos that are not your own. If you fail to do this, your website will look unorganized and potential consumers will not stay very long.



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