Week 1 Project: Proposal & Wireframe

There needs to be a website that addresses the basic needs for starting a reef tank. With so much information out there, it is easy to become confused and miss some very important foundational steps you must understand in order to build a successful reef tank that will stand the test of time. The goal of Reef411 is to help new reefers understand, build, and grow in the reef hobby.

I will attract new reef hobbyist and screen those giving advice to make sure that it is easy to understand. As visitors build a strong foundation in the reef-keeping hobby, they will be able to unlock conversations with other skilled hobbyist. There will also be free emergency advice that will go out to qualified reefers who will receive real time notifications. Based on the success of their advice, they will rise up the ranks and earn coveted badges from Reef411 that can be shared a crossed the different social media platforms. Once a badge is earned, the holders will receive discounts on reef merchandise and offers from our vendors and advertisers to receive free reef products in exchange for promotion and feedback.

I was surprised to see how expensive it is to build, host, and maintain a website. Depending on the amount of pages, graphics, technology, the costs could range from $2500 to $10000. It would be important to earn money from advertisers as the traffic to the site increases to offset these costs.
It would take approximately 3 months to gather the content, build the design, and to promote the launch of the web page.
The first steps would include the mock up of the homepage and to write some of the content and articles it will feature.

Here is my wireframe mockup generated on MockFlow:



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