MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Fish 411: Adventures in Saltwater Reef Tanks

I am seeking a 3 star rating for my Portfolio Project:Fish 411: Adventures in Saltwater Reef Tanks.

tank 4b

Fish 411 will document my trails and tribulations as a woman starting and maintaining successful saltwater reef tanks.

I discovered a need for step by step information, links to best articles, and my discoveries as I advance in this hobby. I want to express that if I can do, you can to. I have learned a lot from experience, made many mistakes, and want to be able to share that with the reefing community.

Much of the information I will share on this site is information that I wish someone would have told me. I have discovered amazing books, articles, and tips I plan to share on this site.

I plan to post at least one a week to this site.

I will measure my success by tracking stats on WordPress and connecting with other reef tank hobbiest on social media sites.

The link to my site is

The resources I will be using are my Mac Book, my cell phone for pictures and video, my fish tanks and WordPress.

I will be the only person contributing to this project at this time.


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