Week 1 Exploration: Web Basics

My initial reaction to the Web Design Fundamentals course was the feeling of intrigue. I was excited to make time to learn more about something we use everyday, websites. After the first few chapters, I started to feel overwhelmed with information when the instructor began to explain writing code. There were many terms, variables, and languages that it seemed to require a lot of practice to learn it.

The more that I learn about creating web pages, the more risks I will take when approaching working with the web in the future. I am impressed by a lot of what I see other students create and I plan to enhance my skills to decrease my limitations when creating web content. Based on the lessons so far, I see myself as a copywriter, or someone who creates the written content found on the web.

Watching this lesson helped me understand mark up languages, using a text editor to write code. I was surprised to find that HTML, JavaScript, and CSS all were simple text files. It was interesting to see how Google Chrome wrote mark up languages by assuming what it should be when opening the HTML file. Mark up languages use tags to identify the content. CSS is used to create the visual content of the web page. You would enclose this information in a HTML style tag: <style>. You also have the option of imbedding a link using CSS to bring in content. JavaScript is used to create the behavior of the content. This needs to be placed inside a script tag: <script>. Even though we were taught the basics in this lesson, I would like to learn how to fully utilize the different CMS platforms, like WordPress.

I have learned a massive amount of information on the Lynda.com Web Design Fundamentals course. My premier take away is the amount of different skill sets needed to design and build a web site. It is rare to find an individual who can do everything needed in order to build an impressive web site. As the instructor in this lesson stated, “just in time learning” allows you to learn as you go and increase your knowledge of the entire web site building process. Blogs and social media sites allow an individual to get online quickly to get your content out there to your intended audience.


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