Week 1 Project: Proposal & Wireframe

Perro Mi Perro Grooming Website Proposal

Ms. Blount,

I am excited to share with you this proposal for a new and improved Perro Mi Perro Website:

Goals for the new website

Create a new site that will encourage more client interactivity and create a presence on social media sites.


The old site will re-route to the new site.

The new site name suggestion is miperro.com to make it easier to say and remember, and recommend to others.

This initiative will also support more interactivity from new and future clients and customers.

By allowing visitors to set up a quick and easy to use account on the web page, you will be able to capture their information to assist in any future marketing efforts. This will also prompt your customers to bookmark your site, have access to their visit dates and services, and schedule their future services as an established client. This can also be used as a way to incorporate a reward system, such as *4th grooming free* or a *free birthday grooming* to first time or loyal customers.

Rather than using random graphics of dogs, your new site will use photographs of existing client’s dogs. You will need to get a written consent from the owner of the pet prior to taking the photo. I will set up an easy upload to for you to add this picture each week to your site.

Your new site will also include a social media feed on the right of the page, and a link to customer reviews on Yelp and Google.

Fees for service

It will take approximately 10 hours to build the new website, create the new social media sites and link them to your page. My hourly rate is $45, and I will need a 25% deposit to begin work.

The new site will use a lot of the information from your current site, which will save time and research. There is a subscription to Hoot suite that will need to be updated and monitored by an office staff member. The subscription fee is $120 per year in addition to my service.


I will gather the information and photographs from you as soon as we sign the contract and the deposit is collected. I will also need to sit down with you once we are ready to finalize the site for any last minute revisions. Upon completion, I will also need to meet with you and the office staff member who will be updating and monitoring the site to show you how to do it. The site should be up and running within one week of the final revision.

Next Steps

We can begin working on your site as soon as next week. I will be eager to hear your thoughts on this proposal and look forward to the opportunity to work on your new site.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Whidden

Web Site Designer

(407) 595-5555



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