Week 2 Analysis: User Behavior

Business: Perro Mi Perro

List of questions for the ideal visitor:

  1. How easy is it to find the page based on memory?
  1. Where are directions to the location?
  1. Are there any incentives for loyal customers?
  1. Do women own this business?
  1. How soon can I get an appointment?
  1. How do I make an appointment?
  1. Are there any 3rd party reviews for this location?
  1. What social media presence do they have?
  1. Is there a size limit for the dog?
  1. How often are the dogs walked during boarding?
  1. How long does it take to groom the dog?
  1. What certifications do the dog handlers have?
  • How does your proposed strategy address the questions/tasks you came up with?

The strategy I proposed addresses the ability to remember the site name by shortening it to “miperro.com”, directions to the location, social media links, and third party reviews. I also included a contact request form on the promotions page.

  • What, if any, gaps have you identified between the content you have and the content you need?

The gaps I’ve identified include documenting the certifications of the dog handlers and groomers and also show what training they have on a staff bio page. This page is currently not listed in the proposal. There is also a need to include a description on what is included in the boarding service, and the approximate time to groom a dog based on size, and whether or not there is a dog size or weight limit for grooming or boarding.

  • How does your site mock-up support the ideal visitor’s quest for information?

My mock up address the main points a consumer would have: Information about the salon, hours of operation, services, and prices. The more I learn about building a site; I can include more interactivity and a log in page for returning customers. The page is also designed to make the consumer feel like they are bringing there dog to a second home where grooming and boarding are included in their visiting to their other home. I included a purple background that seems to be the go to color for the ideal targeted audience, younger to middle age women.

  • Do you feel your site navigation is intuitive based on the questions/tasks you identified? How?

There is a standard that most consumers expect from a website. There is a home page to answer immediate questions, like location , contact information, hours, and then additional information is available if needed. Most would make an instant decision based on the home page if they are comfortable doing business with the company. This was my first mock up, and after giving more thought into a consumer flow and expectations; I would go back and revise.



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