Week 3 Exploration: Digging Deeper

Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

By Sean Hodge for Smashing Pumpkin Magazine


I chose this article because it seemed to give direct insight to the topic at hand, creating a successful portfolio. The first of the tips suggested that less is more, which seems to be a common term in this series of lessons. Rather than filling a page with words, try to get your point across in as few words as possible. I thought it was ironic that the author referenced for mastering short to the point sentences effective for the web was an author who predates the Internet, Hemmingway.

Some useful information about building the site is by knowing your target audience. How would they like the wed site to look and feel?

Another useful tip I will incorporate into my project is leverage my day to day activities by adding a link to my portfolio, such as to my emails signature or my social media pages.

Based on this article, I was able to pinpoint what type of a portfolio I will create first.I like the idea of a Reputation Building Portfolio because it appears to focus on branding yourself and presenting your best self to the world.

14 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos

By Christopher Gimmer for Bootstrap Bay


The most thrilling article in this series has to be this one. Royalty free, high resolution, unique photos? Yes please! I chose this article because I had difficulty finding stock photos in the past, and was amazed by how many options there were to choose from. I will certainly be using the free resources, like Unsplash and Life of Pics on my future project.

11 Inspiring Minimalistic Web Designs

By Gisele Muller for Web Designer Ledger


I chose this article because I wanted to see how these designers were able to create simple but effective, pages. I like the less is more approach to web design. As a consumer, I like the idea of a minimalistic design when landing on a page. It’s like seeing a piece of art on a bare wall. There is not a lot of distraction and more can be appreciated about what is presented. I would like to incorporate this “less is more” concept in to my portfolio project.


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