Week 3 Project: Portfolio Skeleton


This public facing portfolio is something new to me. I feel like it’s the same thing as a personal website, which was all I was able to find when researching the people I looked up to in the industry. Based on all the practice we’ve gotten in this class, I am confident that this is something I can do now.

My star portfolio project is still a work in progress. I would have liked to be able to include more polished works to my public facing portfolio. I had a hard time understanding what exactly the star projects were for a while, but I think I have come to some understanding now.

The areas of this skeleton site would be the about page, because that is where I have a chance to tell m story. Ultimately, that’s what I want to do. I need more work in the areas of adding media to my page, like videos or higher quality graphics.

I was able to try a new program this time to build my site. I enjoyed using Wix to create my portfolio page. I didn’t like the visual appeal of the WordPress sites. Once I was able to understand how to use Wix, I found it to be a much better tool for these types of projects. I will need to increase my understanding and buckle down on the Star Portfolio projects so I can add them to my page.

I am proud of my new public facing portfolio page. I was able to incorporate a lot of what I liked in the other pages that I researched prior to this project. I included my name in the top left, played with color, and kept it a bit minimalistic. I wish that I had discovered Wix sooner. There is still a lot to learn about creating web sites, but I have a great start and look forward to adding to this skill set.


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