Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

I am critiquing Lauren Benzo’s Website for Holy Magdalena Express Cupcakes.

The Holy Magdalena Cupcake logo was the first thing I noticed when landing in the site. It was well proportioned to the top of the page and the graphic was high quality. It seems that the rest of the website was fashioned using similar gray and red contrasting colors that was in the logo. This made me think about how I used the logo on my own web page. I could go back a position the logo in the top middle of the page and I would also pay attention to the quality of the image, since that is one of the first things I noticed. I liked how the colors in the logo connected with the colors in the cupcakes used on the pages tabs, and I could try to work something like this on my own page.

On the menu page, I noticed that you had asterisks next to some of the cupcakes and not others. I looked through the page to see what the asterisks were noting, and I saw the *gluten free options available* but was a little confused because there were “bookend” asterisks. What this what we were looking for on the page? If so, wouldn’t this only require one asterisk, and not 2?

Have you considered running any social media promotional campaigns? You might want to try a “Like for cupcakes” on Facebook or “Share your favorite cupcake for a free cupcake” promotion.

When looking at the overall website, I think you should add more emphasis on what makes these cupcake better than the competition. A great idea would be to offer free samples on first visit banner text. This site could be re-purposed for a variety of different food truck type business, or even a mobile pet grooming service! You show that you have a good understanding of what we needed to do on this assignment, and I’m glad were able to connect this month.



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