Week 4 Reflection: Project Revision


The first goal of revising my perro mi perro site was to create a seamless background. In my original website, I wanted to give texture with the bubbles and give the sense of clean. I chose instead to create a seamless solid color background, and I like the more professional look that it has.



r4I also wanted to change the header to show only one-logo verses a banner of them. In order to accomplish this using WordPress, I had to change the template theme. Also note that the order of pages has changed to include the services tab at the beginning.




I wanted to remove the cascading pages and include more of the information on the parent pages for the Promotions, Services, and Staff Bio pages. I took away the separate grooming and boarding pages and included it all on one services page. I also put all of the promotions on one page and renamed it “Puppy Promos”. I also gave a little more detail about the promotions.




In my original site design, I used cascading pages for each of the staff members with a lengthy bio on each. In my revised site, I shortened the bio and included them on one Staff Bio page.





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