MCPP Portfolio Project Submission:

I am submitting to be considered for a 2 star rating. I learned how to create a website in my previous class, and was able to practice using both Wix and WordPress. I prefer working in Wix, but I had already purchased the domain name through WordPress and have to wait for at least 60 days before I can transfer it. I would also be required to purchase a premium Wix plan to have the domain name attached. The most cost effective way to keep would be to keep it on WordPress.  My initial objective was to make a working site that had a wow factor when you land on it that met my clients wishes using Wix. Because i was unable to transfer the domain name, I had to settle for using WordPress. This forced me to try to figure out how to create a site that would be visually pleasing and provide the options that my client, Ciara Whidden, would need.

Upon interviewing her, she stated that she wanted a site that would demonstrate who she really is and not a made up media image. Ciara Whidden is an aspiring model, college student, and a fine dining host. She wanted her site to list her achievements and goals, and a place to send people to when they meet her at her restaurant or out in public. There currently are people searching her name because she is dating a high profile athlete, and I believe that this project may evolve to a 3 star rating.

Link to Site:


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