MCPP Portfolio Project Submission: Fish411

I am submitting Fish411 to be considered for a 2 star rating.

This blog site was created to share my trials and tribulations as a single woman who has taken on the reef keeping hobby. I needed a place that could help others understand what it takes to keep these beautiful sea creatures. I found that a lot of the information that is out there is hidden among hundreds of threads and I hope this site will make all of the hours I have put in to this hobby worth while.

I am always receiving compliments for my tanks. I thought that creating Fish411 would be an awesome opportunity to combine my love for Fish tanks with a portfolio project and have a working record of my experiences as I learned to create media content.

I attempted to turn in Fish411 as a portfolio project last month. The instructor suggested that I have at least 10 blog posts. I have created these posts and found an awesome layout on WordPress to create a beautiful site for the new and improved Fish411. Some of the tools that I have used were pictures taken from my Iphone, My MacBook, WordPress, my 4 fish tanks, book that I have read and information that I have learned from experience.

Link to Site:


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