Week 1 Analysis: Vision & Scope

tank 4bFISH411


  • Product or Service? This business idea is a Saltwater Fish Hobbyist Resource, called Fish411, where top articles and informative posts will be shared.
  • Company Image: This Company will be known for sharing valuable information and connecting hobbyist around the country.
  • Owner’s Role: My role will be reviewing articles to share on the page and connecting with local fish stores and retailers to advertise on the page.


  • Business: This business will cater to Fish Hobbyist within the US.
  • Customers: Customers are in all 50 states. Anywhere there is a Fish tank or Fish Store owner.
  • Business Operations: The business headquarters will be in Orlando FL.


  • Customers: Customers range from elementary school aged children who want to expand their fish tank interest, to retirees ho love the natural sounds of water flowing and enjoy the swimming fish.
  • Strategic Alliances: My partnerships would include fish supply retailers and local live fish stores.
  • Advisors: There are a few Fish blogs that are well known but hard to weed through. I would look to successful blog pages, not necessarily within the hobby, but that have become effective reaching their market.


  • Start-up: When will this business be operational? This blog is already in existence, but will need to be updated before presenting to the market.
  • Facilities: Required office space is one office with a computer, desk, and Internet.
  • Systems: The system still needs to be created, but the idea is to post daily and share across social meeting to gain a following.


  • Owner: Why am I creating this business? I am creating this business out of my love for Salt Water fish tanks and my desire to connect enthusiast with the best information in one place.
  • Customers: Customers will subscribe to the blog and become loyal visitors once they realize that it is a reliable and informative source with honest information.
  • Investors/Bankers: Investors may see the opportunity to connect with the millions of fish tank hobbyist across the country and drive their business towards preferred shops and vendors.


  • Financing: There is a low start up cost for creating a blog/website. Revenue will not be mandatory at first, but the plan is to build it to a strong connection between Fish tank owners and Fish good suppliers within the first year.
  • Culture: How do you want to interact with employees, suppliers, and customers? The Saltwater fish tank hobby is addicting and rewarding. There is lots of money to be made driving business from our readers to our suppliers. The culture is one where everyone wants to help others have a successful and rewarding fish tank.
  • Personal Beliefs: I personally believe that there should be a saltwater fish tank in everyone’s home. There are a lot of rewards to having one. It decreases stress when you hear the running water and see the beautiful fish. I want to share my stories of being a Fish Tank owner with the country and provide an easier place to find reliable information and products.

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