Week 1 Project: Business Plan – Part I

This post is part of an assignment to demonstrate the beginnings of a business plan. It describes a concept copy-written by me, Jennifer Whidden.



Company Description

SoupFast is a Soup delivery company that provides healthy and tasty soups. SoupFast was born out of the need to have healthy soups delivered to you when you need it most.

Whether it is a Tofu-Chicken Noodle Soup when you’re sick, or Cabbage Soup diet soup when you want to drop a few pounds, there is a SoupFast soup to meet every need.

  • Mission – The mission of SoupFast is to provide a healthy and tasty soup when you need it fast.
  • Services – SoupFast caters to many different groups. SoupFast provides all natural vegan soups for dieters, those fasting for religious holidays, ensuring that the soup ingredients are halal and kosher. SoupFast provides a packaged soup that is delivered through Amazon.com next day.
  • SoupFast is also negotiating a partnership with a national pizza delivery chain to carry SoupFast’s vegan tofu-chicken noodle soup for deliveries within the hour.
  • Development-to-Date – SoupFast is still in the defining stages of how the business model will look. Costs of products are being evaluated to determine a profitable sales price. Searches have been conducted and it appears that the patent and trademark name for SoupFast is still available.
  • Legal Status and Ownership – SoupFast is currently under Sole Proprietorship with intentions to take on partners and form an LLC.

Operations and Management

  • Technology – A commercial kitchen with large ovens will be needed to prepare the product. There will also be a need for marketing, search engine optimization, and advertising to make it well known that there are soup delivery options.
  • Management – At the launch of the company, management will need to oversee the SoupFast operations, making sure that the products are consistent.
  • Key Employees – Product Development: A Nutritionist and Chef will work together to provide Soups that are delicious and consistent with our brand.
  • Marketing: A Brand Representative with meet with television morning shows to feature our soups in their health segment. A Brand Representative will also meet with top food delivery chains to offer our SoupFast Tofu-Chicken noodle as part of their delivery options. There will also be one centralized commercial kitchen. Preparing soups to be delivered next via Amazon.com.
  • Key Advisors –Amazon.com will be a great contributor to our ability to deliver fast and inexpensively. They have a large following of loyal customers who may be interested in our Soups. Nutritionists with who understand veganism, religious fasting requirements, and weight loss.


Management Structure

  • Jennifer Whidden- CEO
  • Debra Whidden-CFO
  • Luis Felix- Executive Chef
  • Ciara Whidden= Nutritionist
  • Xavier Felix- Cook
  • Yariceli Felix- packaging
  • Angel Ahmed- Marketing and Branding
  • Tyler VanDeven- Shipping

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