Business Plan Part 1- 2nd Idea


Company Description

Living Arrangements was born from the tradition in my family where we buy living plants and flowers as gifts each year for Mothers day, Birthdays, and even Fathers day.

Each year, we would have a hard time something that was in bloom that was suitable for a gift. Living Arrangements provides live flowers and uniquely arranged plants that can be delivered for any occasion

  • Mission – To provide living flower and plant arrangements as a unique gift giving idea.
  • Services – Living Arrangements will test out the local market by partnering with flowers shops and delivering unique arrangements within the Central Florida area.
  • Development-to-Date – We are still researching live plants that can be combined and determining costs to grow these items. As demand increases, we will look to wholesalers grow and provide the plants we use in our arrangement designs.
  • Legal Status and Ownership – Living Arrangements is currently under Sole Proprietorship with intentions to take on partners and form an LLC.

Operations and Management

  • Technology – A grow house is needed to provide stocks for arrangements. Water pumps, land, seeds, fertilizers, and staff to tend to plants will be needed.
  • Management – At the launch of the company, management will need to oversee the Living Arrangements growing of products and determine the most aesthetically pleasing and cost effective product.
  • Key Employees – Designer- Will arrange plants and flowers to create a product well received by consumers to send instead of cut flowers. Grower- we need to grow plants from seed to arrangement size. Delivery Driver- to deliver orders within the Central Florida area.
  • Marketing: A Brand Representative with meet with local flower shop to feature the Living Arrangements in their store or on their online catalog. A website will also need to be created to feature product for delivery online in the Central Florida Area.
  • Key Advisors –Local Flower shop owners or Greenhouse owners/ managers.


Management Structure

  • Jennifer Whidden- CEO, Designer, Marketing
  • Debra Whidden-Co-Designer, CFO
  • Ciara Whidden- Delivery/ Marketing
  • David Whidden- Plant Specialist/Grower
  • Jessica Boevers- Plant Specialist/ Biology expert

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