Media Anthropology Project 2

Media Anthropology Flyer

My flyer would be designed to provoke emotion, to be inspirational and a call to action. My target audience would be teenagers to young adults.

The flyer shows a map of the world stating, “North Korea, You are here, and we are waiting for you!” I wanted to show the North Koreans where they fit in a global community. My emphasis was reminding North Koreans that they have talents, gifts, and desires that the rest of the world is waiting to see. I felt this fit well with the mentality that has already been forced upon the North Koreans through the media that North Koreans are great, colorful, and well cultured. One of the many things that stuck out to me in the Frontline video Secret State of the North Koreans was that North Koreans are already curious about what is out there. They have already formed their own means of coping with the restrictions placed upon them. Even though North Koreans consider themselves loyal, they are still questioning the regime of their current leader. Cell phones are beginning to become more accessible. As time goes on, the knowledge of how to modify these restricted cell phones to call out side of North Korea with spread. Many North Koreans are able to access outside media through the smuggling of flash drives and radio. Defectors are increasing and longing to share the truth from South Korea. Those who are able to successfully escape the current North Korean regime are increasing and taking risks to run radio shows and air TV shows that can be recorded and sent back to their North Korean brothers and sisters.

I wanted the North Koreans who picked up the flyer to see the stark contrast between their “God like” leader and the children of North Korea who are starving.

The back of the flyer was to appeal to the desperation of the future generation of North Koreans, and how they should not trust the current regime with their fate. I wanted to place an image of their current leader with the US NBA star to show that even he has kindred tied to the US by befriending the US NBA player. It also shows the lavish lifestyle being led by the leader, while the youth of the country are starving. I know I was taking a risk to show an image of their leader on the flyer, but I felt that the image exposes him as being immature and a fan of American sports and I wanted to pique the curiosity of the reader an then direct them to a source for more information. I made up the station numbers because I could not find them in my search, only the station name “FNK FM” or Free North Korea FM.


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