Week 4 Project: Multimedia Video Resume

Here is my Video Resume

“Who in the World is….Jennifer R. Whidden”.

I took screenshots of my videos through out the years giving my RISE evaluations. It was emotional to see how far I have come.




Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

Morgan, I thoroughly enjoyed all of your submissions to this class. My daughter and I watched several of them together. It is hard to compare yourself to someone who has already landed a news anchor role. Congratulations on your success in the entertainment and media industry thus far. I am proud to be in your company as a Full Sail graduate.

What I liked the most about your interview was your ability to maintain eye contact when giving your responses to the interviewer’s questions. Your responses were very natural and conversation like and it didn’t appear that you were simply trying to say the right thing to get the job. I feel that I could have been a little more deliberate looking into the camera to give my responses in my own interview video. I also thought that it appeared that you were trying to create a contrast in characters when the interviewer appeared to be reading off his interview questions, which is usually the case in my experience. I liked how your tone changed and you wore a blazer as the interviewer.

I was curious to know why upon introducing yourself, you went immediately into the fact that you were signed to band straight out of high school. To a potential employer, this may seem a little self-centered. I think it is great that you had this experience, yet you still wanted to have other options and created a way for yourself in the news world. It may be a better idea to wait until you warm up a little in the interview to pull your rock star card out of your pocket.

You mentioned that you were a long time golf fan, but I was looking into the background of your video and did not notice anything golf related. Since you are an avid golfer, do you have any inspirational golf pictures? It may be a long shot, but I felt like I would have liked to see something golf related in the video.

Perhaps you could have mentioned a favorite tournament or why you began playing golf at 8 years old. Did your father play golf? If so, who was his inspiration? I think this would have left an impression on the interviewer to remember you when they were narrowing down candidates.

The Golf Channel would be fortunate to have you as one of their news reporters. You did a great job creating the two characters, asking great interview questions, and closing the interview with a heartfelt thank you.

I wish you all the best with your future endeavors.


Jennifer Whidden

MCBS MultiMedia Video

The purpose of this video is to tell my story as a Media Communications graduate at Full Sail University. I have incorporated many of my multi media projects to give an example of my work.

Updated: My MCBS Story: